Project Management

Think Property Group takes the lead role of project manager for all aspects of your project allowing a seamless transition from design to construction to final delivery. Benefits include:

  • Builder and tender analysis – TPG engages with our network of builders and contractors to obtain the latest market construction rates.
  • Contract negotiation – TPG provides detailed cost analysis for the preferred builders whilst also bringing down price and implanting cost savings where required, without compromising the client’s preferences and needs.
  • Design Management – TPG responds and details any requests for information raised from the builder or contractors. Maintaining overall design concepts(s) and confirming implementation of cost savings.
  • Authority Management – TPG engages with all required services authorities (Water, Sewer, Power, NBN, Sub-division) at early stages of your project allowing costs to be established and timelines maintained. TPG leads from the project inception with authority management enabling all involved ample time for services installation and authority approval.
  • Budget and cost management – Throughout construction process TPG maintains record off costs associated with the contract price, whilst also recording all other excluded costs.
  • Project Hand Over – Upon finalisation of your project, TPG provides throughout inspections and defect notices representing our clients best interest and our own standards are maintained. We treat each project like our own.

Complete Development Management

Think Property Group provides development management services from the frist steps in the development process. Due diligence along with our experience enables accurate budgets and time-lines to be established and managed. Benefits include:

  • Detailed site assessment – including, development potential, concept plan(s), due diligence and market analysis.
  • Feasibility modelling and investigation – financial models provided to demonstrate return on investment percentage ensuring your project is profitable.
  • Council | Development Approval – TPG will manage all aspects of council approval.
  • Construction management – complete managing and specification of construction process and contracts.
  • Sales and Marketing – TPG will development marketing strategy based on current market conditions realising the potential of your sale.

Site Feasibility & Buyers Advocate

Think Property Group provides our clients with confidence upon acquiring new development sites. Our market experience and team of experts will provide accurate feasibility modelling to provide you with a purchase price that relates to our clients expected returns.

Industrial / Commercial / Mixed Use Developments

Think Property Group has the scalability and experience to manage and develop large scale industrial, commercial or mixed use developments. TPG understands the value in maximising your lands saleable and developable area, in turn maximising our clients return. Key master planning effiecneies are established at early stages providing ultimate flexibility with regards to end users.

Marketing Campaigns

Think Property Group can be engaged throughout the back end of your development to maximise your properties exposure and saleability. TPG understands the importance of presentation and engaging with your target market.

Finance | Tax

Think Property Group is empowered with market leaders within the Finance and Tax fields. Can’t obtain development finance? TPG will detail your requirements to our agents whom will explore suitable investors to enable your project to get out of the ground.

Think Property Group benefits from expert tax minimisation advise and consultation. Our client’s exposure to current taxation advise is invaluable.